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Orphan Smiles Kisumu Children's Home was founded in 2013 by Pastor Francis Ouma Ooko and registered as a Community Based Organization for orphans and vulnerable children.

The home seeks to care specifically for village orphaned and destitute children, who are increasingly being forced to fend for themselves on the streets of Siaya county.

Presently the home has 50 children in residential care and provides support to an additional 20 children in its outreach program. All of the children in the home's care are currently enrolled in school.

At Orphan Smiles Kisumu we hope to create a safe place for Village orphaned and vulnerable children to grow and develop.   

We firmly believe that every child deserves quality education, medical care, shelter, and a loving community, regardless of that child's ethnic or religious background.  

At Orphan Smiles Kisumu  we work to achieve this muster for Kenya's most vulnerable children.  Unfortunately, we cannot do it alone, we need your help and support to continue our work. 

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